8 Top Tips for Cruising

A floating hotel. Imagine traveling from city to city or island to island but unpacking only once – with no need to worry about train or ferry schedules, or lugging your suitcase along cobblestone streets. Wake-up every morning in a new place. Can’t decide between the beaches of St Maarten or Martinique, or Australia or Spain? Why choose? Pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your wish list.

Patricia Entwistle, Cruise & Vacation Consultant with Expedia Cruiseship Centers shares her top 8 Tips on Cruising.

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Why Cruise

Cruising is a great way to stretch your vacation funds (euros/dollars, etc). The fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a trip: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between destinations.

Cruiseships come in all shapes and sizes –  mega-ships outfitted with onboard rock-climbing walls and outdoor cinemas to more intimate ships with upscale ambience. Modern-day cruiseships are designed to keep everyone happy and entertained. You can go and pamper yourself at the spa while your spouse/partner/companion goes to the casino.

Top Tips

1. Book early to ensure you get the cabin on the ship you prefer.

2. Carry important documents (passports/vaccine certificates, medications) with you rather than packing them in a checked suitcase.

3. Pack smart and light (if you can manage a carry on only, do it!) (ships have laundry services if needed).

4. If arriving to the port from air, arrive the day before to ensure no delays or flight complications.

5. Complete all the pre-cruise online check- in requirements prior to embarkation to ensure a smooth process.

6. Bring all medications and toiletries with you for the length of the cruise.

7. Pre-book your excursions as they fill up quickly 

8. When you get on board, familiarize yourself with the ship.

If you love to meet people from around the world, cruising provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

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