Alicante to Murcia Commuter Train

Alicante Train Station Renfe

Updated 22 February 2023

Alternate transit plan for the C2 Commuter Rail Line (Alicante to Murcia Cercanías) due to Adif works in the Region of Murcia.

Infrastructure upgrades have been carried out starting July 9, 2022. These adjustments are imperative to the commuter service in order to provide the best possible service to its users.

Cercanias - Commuter Train Alicante to Murcia

Commuter service for Line C-2

The infrastructure upgrades are being carried out between the stations of Murcia del Carmen – Lorca Sutullena – Aguilas.

Two bus services have been established in both directions, one semi-direct, with stops in Alhama de Murcia, Totana and Lorca San Diego, and another with seasonal stops at all stations along its route.

The service between Lorca and Águilas will be carried out with a seasonal bus that stops at all stations along the route (P. Lumbreras, Almendricos, Pulpí, Jaravía, Águilas El Labradorcico and Águilas).

Due to the construction, bus stops have been established at locations other than at the train stations.

The bus stops are located at:

  • Alcantarilla-Los Romanos Camino de los Romanos
  • Librilla Av. Fuerzas Armadas
  • La Hoya Carretera del Hinojar
  • Lorca San Diego Av. Europa
  • Lorca Sutullena C/José Espinosa Pomares
  • Almendricos Av. de Águilas
  • Jaravía Barrio de Jaravía

Accessible Buses

Accessible buses are available as part of the Commuter Line C2 train between Murcia-Lorca and Águilas.

Two modes of travel are established for people traveling with wheelchairs: in their own chair or in a conventional seat.

The service must be requested 24 hours in advance by calling 968 975 253 from 8:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday except holidays.

Any assistance with luggage, getting on and getting off, as well as securing a wheelchair, will be carried out by the bus driver.

Additional Important Information

If you have the FREE Cercanias pass, for the Alicante → Murcia route you can use Lines C-1, C-2 and C-3.

If you don’t know about the free train offer, it has now been extended to July 31, 2023. Read more about it here.

Group rate tickets will not be admitted.
Pets and non-folded bicycles are not allowed.

Passengers can check updates at and at Renfe’s information telephone number 912 320 320. Infrastructure actions can be consulted at Adif’s website

Due to the infrastructure upgrades, bicycles and pets are not allowed on the affected road routes.

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