Hello! I’m Celine, Founder of Love Yourself Project Official and Suitcase in SPAIN. I’m currently working on an exciting and empowering book project titled “She Explores Alone: Empowering Women Through Travel,” which aims to celebrate and share the diverse experiences of solo female travelers. I am reaching out to invite you to be one of the 10 valued contributors in this venture. Click here to read about what inspires me.

About the Book Project:

She Explores Alone: Empowering Women Through Travel” is an anthology that seeks to shed light on the transformational journey of solo travel for women. The book will encompass a collection of personal stories, anecdotes, insights, and practical tips to empower and inspire women who aspire to embark on solo adventures. We believe in creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for women to share their unique travel narratives—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Your Role as a Contributor:

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to contribute your own travel story and insights, sharing your experiences and perspectives on solo travel. Your contribution will not only enrich the book but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for countless women seeking the courage to venture into the world independently.

Apply here

Thank you for considering this opportunity to be part of an inspiring and meaningful endeavor. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about your travel experiences.

Terms, Conditions & Expectations

Participation without Writing a Chapter for the Book

If you choose not to write a chapter for the book but would like to be interviewed for the series, here are the terms, conditions, and expectations:

Participation Agreement:
If accepted, contributors agree to actively participate in an interview for the series “She Explores Alone: Empowering Women Through Travel.”

Recording and Usage:
The interview may be recorded and will be used for promotional and content creation purposes, including but not limited to the podcast, blog, or social media.

Contributors will not receive monetary compensation for their participation.

Contributors are encouraged to promote the interview within their networks and on social media platforms.

Collaboration Agreement:
If accepted, contributors to the book agree to pay a fee of 75€ (seventy-five euros) to cover the creation of their profile page and related setup.

All submitted written work will be subject to potential editing by a professional editor for the overall quality and consistency of the book.

Cover and Design:
Contributors will have the opportunity to provide their opinions and vote on the book cover and design aspects.

Contributors will not receive monetary compensation for their collaboration.

In the event book sales exceed the costs of publishing, artwork, book editing, etc., each contributor will earn a portion of the sales.

Promotion and Participation:
Contributors are encouraged to actively promote the book within their networks and on social media platforms.

General Expectations for All Participants:

Cooperation and Communication:
Open and transparent communication with the project coordinators is essential throughout the participation.

Professional Conduct:
Participants are expected to maintain professional conduct during the interview.

Legal Responsibilities:
Participants will retain the rights to their individual contributions and grant the necessary rights for publication and promotional use in connection with the project.

Photos and Images:
The Contributor grants the Company the right to use her profile photo for display on the Company’s website, marketing materials, and related promotional activities concerning the Book Project.

The Contributor grants the Company the right to use any travel photos submitted for the Book Project for promotional and marketing purposes, attributing appropriate credit to the Contributor.