About Alicante City Buses

Updated 31-07-2023

MIA (Movilidad Inteligente de Alicante) is a new urban mobility initiative introduced by the Alicante City Council in Spain. It aims to improve the public transportation system in the city by implementing changes in the bus network to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and efficiency for residents and visitors.

The maps we have included below are the ones we use frequently. To see all the other routes, click here.

Click here for the temporary C6 Airport Bus route.

Attention: Bus Diversions Due to Road Closures

Please be aware that there is a significant road closure scheduled on Avenida de Federico Soto, which will impact several bus lines. This closure affects the street that goes downhill from Luceros.

The following bus lines are affected: 01, 02, 03, 05, 22, and 27. To help you navigate during this time, we have provided a map indicating the temporary routes:

bus route diversions for Alicante

Click to view or download the maps.

Alicante City Bus Map

C6 Airport Bus

TuriBus Map

CSB - Castillo Santa Barbara

L28 Circular Bus to Hospital San Joan

L21 Alicante - Playa San Juan - El Campello

L21 Night Bus Alicante - Playa San Juan - El Campello

L22 Alicante - Playa San Juan

L22 Night Bus Alicante - Playa San Juan

L22 Playa San Juan - Alicante

L22 Night Bus Playa San Juan - Alicante

L16 Plaza Espana - Mercadillo (Thursdays and Saturdays only)

L16 Mercadillo - Plaza Espana (Thursdays and Saturdays only)

Vectalia SuBus group has several transport lines to the University of Alicante, some of which only operate during term time, from Alicante and its metropolitan area as well as from other towns in the province.

The TAM university lines in service are:

  • Line 24 Alicante city (Bus Station)-University of Alicante-San Vicente del Raspeig
  • Line 24N Alicante city (Plaza del Mar)-University of Alicante-San Vicente del Raspeig (NIGHT BUS)
  • Line 36 San Gabriel-University of Alicante (during term time only)
  • Line 38 San Juan Beach-San Juan Hospital-University of Alicante (from Monday to Friday during term time)

Use the Official Bus App to Find Your Next Bus

Here’s a handy tip to save time while waiting for the bus. Vectalia, the company operating buses in Alicante, has a dedicated app called “Alicante Bus,” available for both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can check the frequencies of each bus line at different stops.

Although the app’s interface might not be as simple as Google Maps, it becomes user-friendly after a couple of uses. Here’s what you can do:

1. First, find the name of the bus stop using Google Maps.
2. Next, open the official “Alicante Bus” app (available for Android and iOS).
3. Search for the bus line that Google Maps suggested you take.
4. Make an educated guess about the direction in which the bus is headed.
5. Now, refer to the map in the Alicante Bus app to locate the specific stop that Google Maps recommended.

We understand that it may not be the easiest process, but don’t worry! There’s an ongoing project to improve the digitalization of the bus service in Alicante, which will add more lines and make it even more user-friendly. In the meantime, you can use the combination of Google Maps and the official Alicante Bus app for Android or iOS to figure out which bus to catch. Happy travels!