Alicante TRAM Prices, Schedules, and more

Updated August 2022

If you use  public transit and live in la Comunidad Valenciana (Alicante, Castellon and Valencia), you are in luck!

Fares have dropped by 50% effective until 31 January 2024

To take advantage of this, you need to purchase a Móbilis public transit card (Bono Móbilis Multiviaje) and load it with 10 to 30 trips. 

The Mobilis Card gives you the flexibility to transfer to other lines within one hour. So, if you need to take two buses, or a bus and a tram, you won’t get charged again as long as it is within 60 minutes. If you are planning a return trip within 60-minutes, ‘transbordo’ only works if you are taking 2 different bus lines. 

You can also use the same Mobilis Card if you are traveling with others.

Click here to see the temporary discount price schedule. 

New Fare Model

The TRAM service operates in underground tunnels in Alicante city centre and overground on the rest of the lines.

  • Line 1: Luceros – Benidorm
  • Line 2: Luceros – University of Alicante- Sant Vicent del Raspeig
  • Line 3: Luceros – El Campello
  • Line 4: Luceros – Plaza La Coruña ( San Juan Beach)
  • Line 5: Puerta del Mar ( Postiguet Beach)- Plaza La Coruña ( San Juan Beach)
  • Line 9: Benidorm- Denia

If you are a tourist and plan on using public transit during your stay, we highly recommend purchasing the public transport pass (plastic rechargeable Mobilis Card) for 2€ as this allows you transfers (transbordo) between different trams and/or bus lines within a 60-minute timeframe. This also allows you, along with others in your group to use a single card for all your fares.

A new fare model that was introduced in June 2022 that offers a price reduction of up to 50% depending on the origin and destination: one, two or three zones, with 10-journey passes that cost 8€, 12€ and 20€, respectively. See the Fare Summary table below. (these are the regular prices without the 50% discount)

Where can I buy it?

TAM Customer Service office at Calle Díaz Moreu Nº 6, by Rambla Méndez Núñez

TRAM office, at Luceros Station (Plaza De Los Luceros)

To buy a public transit card, you need to go to Luceros Station where you will find a customer service counter. The TRAM staff will be able to help you find the best option for your typical journeys.

Once you have a public transit card, it can be recharged at the machines at Luceros and Mercado stations or inside the TRAM trains. You can also top up at ‘kioscos’, ‘estanco’ or ‘tabaco’ shops around the city – but only Monday to Friday. 

NOTE: Some of these shops do not accept debit/credit cards so be prepared to pay with cash. 

The public transport card can be also used on the bus network at the same price.

Public Transit Card Discounts

There are special discounts available for young and senior people. Talk to the staff at Luceros station to find if you qualify and how to apply for one.

At any of the stations, you should be able to transfer from one line to the another depending your travel plans. All trams (except for line L5) stop at Luceros, Mercado and MARQ-Castillo.

How to choose the right fare

First, click on the image on the right to check out the current fare zone map. This will help you decide which number of zones you need you need to buy.

There are 3 TRAM zones: A, B and C and 2 special subzones: T1 and T2, that serve as small zones in nearby stops located between the main zones.

One zone fare is 1.45€, moving between two zones is 2,80€ and moving 3 zones is 3,90€.


The TRAM train in Alicante has 6 lines:

Alicante’s TRAM has a mixture of underground and unfenced overground stations. At the underground stations, you can use the machines around the stations and validate at the gate.

TRAM Line Starting Point Destination Single Ticket Fare
L1 Alicante (Luceros) Benidorm Intermodal 2,80€ (2 zones)
L2 Alicante (Luceros) San Vicente Del Raspeig 1,45€ (1 zone)
L3 Alicante (Luceros) El Campello 1,45€ (1 zone)
L4 Alicante (Luceros) Plaza La Coruña (Playa San Juan) 1,45€ (1 zone)
L5 Alicanter Centre (Postiguet) / Puerta del Mar Plaza La Coruña (Playa San Juan) 1,45€ (1 zone)
L9 Benidorm Denia 2,80€ (2 zones)

Below is a list of the main routes along with approximate travel times.

Route Line(s) Zones Fare ETA
Alicante – Benidorm 1 A to B 2,80€ ~72 minutes
Alicante – San Juan Beach 1, 4 or 5 A 1.75€ ~18 minutes
Alicante – Calpe 1 and 9 A to C 3,90€ ~123 minutes
Alicante – Altea 1 and 9 A to C 3,90€ ~101 minutes
Alicante- Campello 1 or 3 A 1.75€ ~26 minutes
Alicante – San Vicente 2 A 1.75€ ~28 minutes


The single ticket (sencillo) price for one zone, is 1.45€ and the return ticket (ida y vuelta) cost 2,50€.

If you move between 2 zones the price is 2,80€ and 4,80€ for the return ticket.

Moving the 3 zones cost 3,90€ and the fare for the return ticket is 6,65€.

If you are going to use the tram often, it is worth getting a rechargeable public transit card that cost 2€. Keep in mind the fare reduction of up to 50% when  paying with the public transport pass.

Remember: The same public transit card can be used by several people on the same trip.

NOTE: If you want to recharge your card with a different type of fare than what you had previously, the card needs to be empty. Example, you purchased a Bono 10 Zone 1 and still have 2 tickets left on the card. You cannot load it with a different zone type example Bono 10 Zone 3.

Fare summary

Ticket Type Moving between Zone 1 Moving between Zone 2 Moving between Zone 3
single (sencillo) 1.45€ 2,80€ 3,90€
single return (ida y vuelta) 2,50€ 4,80€ 6,65€
10 trips travel card (Bono 10) 8,00€ (0.8€ per trip) 12,00€ (1.2€ per trip) 20,00€ (2€ per trip)
30 trips travel card (Bono 30) 22,80€ (0.76€ per trip) 34,20€ (1.14€ per trip) 57,00€ (1.90€ per trip)

Special Zones T1 and T2

There are a couple of special zones called T1 and T2 that are situated where the TRAM zones switch. T1 is in between Zone A and Zone B. T2 is between zone B and zone C. When travelling inside the special zones, you will need to pay for only TRAM zone.

As an example, a traveller from Calpe to Altea would typically have to pay for a two-zone ticket (C to A). But both TRAM stops are inside the special zone T2. That means travellers from Calpe to Altea would need to pay a ticket fare equivalent to just one TRAM zone.


Most of the TRAM lines are electric. The trains are modern and quiet. All trains have A/C in summer and heating in winter. Some have charging stations for your mobile devices.

There are no toilets on the trains or stations, so keep this in mind when planning a long trip.

The TRAM has buttons inside the trains to ask the driver to stop at the next TRAM stop. This is especially important in sections where there are no visible passengers waiting to get on. It behaves in a similar way a bus would do.

Alicante TRAM Schedules and Timetables

Lines 1 and 3 share some of the same stops until Campello so the schedule is offered together

Travel rules – bicycles

Bike + TRAM

Transporting bicycles and scooters is permitted throughout the network.

Due to the high occupancy of trains and trams, bicycles and scooters are not allowed to be transported in zone A of the TRAM d’Alacant during the following periods:

  • During Sundays until 31 August of the current year (2022).
  • During the Hogueras period, between 20 and 24 June.
  • The night of 24 to 25 June.

The number of bicycles or scooters is limited to four per vehicle. This amount may be modified, at the discretion of FGV personnel, depending on the actual busyness of the vehicle or other circumstances that may require it.

Persons carrying scooters and bicycles shall be responsible for not causing a nuisance to the rest of the passengers or damage to vehicles or facilities.

Persons carrying scooters and bicycles must stand next to them in the empty spaces of trains and trams. Folded bicycles can be transported as hand luggage.

Scooters should preferably be folded and, when possible, partially or totally hidden under the seats.

Under no circumstances may drivers’ access to the driver’s cab be obstructed.

During the Hogueras de San Juan and other events, bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the TRAM d’Alacant network.

Folded bicycles are considered as hand luggage.

Click here for the General Travel Regulations