Explore the Autonomous Region of Asturias

From Mountains to Coast: A Tour of Asturias’ 8 Counties

Asturias is a small principality in the north of Spain, known for its natural beauty, with rugged coastline, mountainous landscapes, and lush green forests. It is renowned for its dairy products, particularly milk, cheese and yogurts. You can find the historic cities of Gijón, Avilés, and Cudillero there.

The 8 Counties in Asturias

Asturias is a region located in the north of Spain, which is divided into eight administrative areas called “comarcas” or “counties”. These counties are further divided into municipalities or “concejos” in Asturian language.









In addition to these eight counties, Asturias also has several other interesting places to visit, such as the Asturian Coastline, which has several beaches and seaside towns, and the Picos de Europa National Park, which has some of the most impressive mountain landscapes in Spain. Asturias is also known for its gastronomy, with dishes such as fabada asturiana (a hearty bean stew), cachopo (a stuffed veal dish), and sidra (Asturian cider) being some of the most popular.

Adventures in Asturias

Monte Naranco

Monte Naranco

Monte Naranco gives you an incredible view of the city of Oviedo below. You will find historical Santa María del Naranco sitting on its slopes.

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