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It was our first time at Brunchit Alicante last Monday, September 5. Based on the photos we saw on their website, Instagram and on Google, we had high hopes. We invited along 2 friends who are also foodies to get a well rounded perspective. Personally, I did not have a good experience. Read on to find out about what the others had to say.

The Menu

It was great to see the menu available in Spanish and English. (see the menu download above – taken from their website) vs. the menu that we read via scanning the QR Code. This is why I was a little confused to start with. It was slightly different from what I read on their website.

In our case, 3 of us ordered the same item, the Brioche Lift, 2 with crispy bacon as an add-on and the other person ordered a salmon toast.

For drinks, we ordered 2 cafe con leches (coffee with milk), 1 cafe manchado y un vaso con hielo (literal translation is “stained milk” and consists of warm milk with a “splash” of coffee and a glass with ice*) and 1 americano con leche aparte (espresso shot with hot water and milk on the side).  To learn more about how to order coffee in Spain, check out our article on How to Order Coffee in Spain.

*I order the ice in a glass instead of just ordering an iced coffee so that I can melt the sugar in the hot coffee first then pour it in the glass afterwards. laughing

The service

The service started out okay. It was before 11am on a Monday and I would say they were about 1/3 full including those sitting outside.

The waitress came over after a few minutes, long enough that we had a chance to download the menu on our phones and decide what we would like to order.

I had asked the waitress about the toppings on the Brioche Lift because it said “Exclusive style of Brunchit eggs benedict toasted brioche …”. When I saw the 3 dots I assumed I could click on it to get more information but nothing happened on my phone.

She then asked a colleague to speak with us in English. She explained the toppings and to make things easier 3 of us ordered the same dish.

What went wrong …

Remember that the menu we are choosing from is from the app (QR code) and not the menu on their website.

Their app works so well with image and description in Spanish and English (on my laptop) that it would be have been great to know how to see the image or read the description. Perhaps it was available on their tablets (that was how they took the orders) it would have been easier to explain.

When I saw the 3 dots I assumed I could click on it to get more information but nothing happened on my phone. Here is what it looks like from my computer. Brioche Lift (Exclusive style of Brunchit eggs benedict) toasted brioche…

Would we go back?

Alicante has many restaruants and cafes so for the moment, we won’t be rushing back to give BrunchIt another try. 


I had the Brioche Lift, which was eggs benedict on top of toasted brioche with spinach, mushrooms and bacon. Didn’t realize it would be about a 4-5 inch thick brioche loaf. It was toasted, but that made the crust tough. I love brioche, but would have preferred a thinner slice with my egg. My poached egg wasn’t over cooked as others were, but I only recall finding 1 in my dish. My coffee was the best part of the meal as it arrived hot and along with the rest of the tables beverages.

-Greg B.

I had the Salmon Toast. It was actually a nice light option served on toasted whole grain bread. A good ratio of cream cheese and cucumber to not overpower the salmon. The balance of flavors was good. If there was an improvement that would have set it off perfectly, I would have loved just a tad more salmon and finished with a little dill.

-Sharon B

Might be worth a try…..just don’t order the eggs Benedict.

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