Eggs Benedict Exposé: The Missteps of Lulat in Valencia

Not what an eggs benny should look like

When brunch takes a detour. A misguided twist on Eggs Benedict – hardboiled eggs atop a brioche base. Proceed with caution.

In our pursuit of finding the perfect Eggs Benedict in Spain, inspired by our recent article, “Brunch Bliss: Unveiling Valencia’s Top Eggs Benedict Restaurants,” we ventured into the dining scene with great anticipation. However, not all experiences lived up to the expectations set by the article. Today, I share my candid review of one such disappointing encounter at Lulat on June 1, 2023.

Lulat: A Promising Start Gone Awry

Our culinary journey took an unexpected turn when we visited Lulat, in the Gran Via/Canovas area of Valencia, lured by promising reviews and a Valencia influencer social media post. However, reality failed to meet our expectations, as we encountered a baffling inconsistency in their rendition of Eggs Benedict.

A Hard-Boiled Blunder

Our experience at Lulat was marred by a glaring misstep: the hard-boiled egg in their Eggs Benedict. As any Eggs Benedict aficionado knows, the hallmark of this dish is the perfectly poached egg, delicately cooked to achieve that glorious, velvety texture. To our dismay, Lulat deviated from this timeless tradition, leaving us with a puzzling and disappointing outcome.

According to their menu:
Prosciutto cotto, tomate seco, rúcula, con base de pan brioche y salsa bearnesa
EN- Italian ham with bearnaise sauce, rocket, sundried tomato and egg

According to their menu:
Champiñones, bacon, rúcula, crème fraîche, tomillo con base de pan brioche y salsa bearnesa
EN -Mushrooms, bacon, rocket, crème fraîche, thyme and bearnaise sauce 

Authenticity Lost in Translation

While we appreciate culinary experimentation and innovative twists on classic dishes, it’s crucial to strike a balance that respects the essence of the original creation. Unfortunately, Lulat missed the mark by substituting the quintessential poached egg with a hard-boiled alternative, undermining the integrity of their Eggs Benedict offering. This misguided deviation left us yearning for the traditional, harmonious flavors and textures that define this beloved brunch staple.

A cautionary tale of Eggs Benedict at Lulat

Regrettably, our experience at Lulat was far from the Eggs Benedict bliss we had hoped for. The inclusion of a hard-boiled egg in lieu of a perfectly poached one proved to be a major misstep, leaving us questioning the authenticity and commitment to culinary excellence at this establishment. As we continue our quest for the best Eggs Benedict in Spain, it’s important to be discerning and seek out establishments that honor the integrity of this beloved dish.

Side Note: The Only Saving Grace: Homemade Ice Cream

Despite the disappointing experience with their Eggs Benedict, we must acknowledge that Lulat managed to salvage some redemption with their delightful homemade ice cream. Their skillful creation of frozen delights provided a much-needed respite from the underwhelming main course. It is worth mentioning that Lulat’s commitment to crafting exceptional ice cream is a testament to their dedication to certain aspects of their culinary offerings.

Disclaimer: While our experience at Lulat was disappointing, it’s important to remember that taste preferences can vary, and individual experiences may differ. We encourage diners to explore various establishments and form their own opinions based on personal preferences and experiences.

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