El Pla del Real Neighbourhood

El Pla de Real Neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain
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El Pla del Real

El Pla del Real (” El Llano del Real” in Castilian) owes its name to the former Palacio del Real (Palace of the Royal) not Palacio Real (Royal Palace), which was in the same district.

The name comes from the Arabic word “Rahal” (from the Arab Andalu رحال Raḥāl, and this from the classical Arabic رحل raḥl, “Camping point”, which meant “country house” or “a family farm smaller than the size of a farmhouse). The former Palace was never a royal residence and should therefore, under no circumstance can it be called a Royal Palace. Inspite of that, many monarchs including those from the House of Aragon, House of Austria and House of Bourbon stayed there. Thus, the Palace of the Royal was born, originating as a place of recreation during the times of the Moors and continued as such during the time of the Christian conquest. In the 14th Century, during the time of Peter IV, (aka Peter the Ceremonious), the Palace was known as the place where the Aragonese Monarchs stayed in the ancient kingdom of Valencia.

Today, a reminder of el Puente del Real (which allowed access to city from the palace) is a square that connects the bridge (el Llano del Real) and Jardines del Real or Viveros which occupy a small part of the former palace’s gardens.

Benimaclet borders it to the north, Algirós and Camins al Grau borders to the east, Ensanche borders to the south and Ciutat Vella and the Zaidia to the west. El Pla del Real is made up of four districts: Exposició, Mestalla, Jaume Roig and Ciutat Universitària.

If you’re considering moving to Valencia, it’s essential to find the neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and preferences. So, let’s explore the distinct characteristics of each neighborhood to help you make an informed decision.


Exposició, a charming neighborhood nestled in the El Pla del Real district of Valencia. Situated in close proximity to the Turia Riverbed Gardens and offering a mix of residential and cultural attractions, Exposició is a sought-after area for residents and visitors alike. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and discover the unique charm that this neighborhood has to offer.


  • Proximity to the stunning Turia Riverbed Gardens, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Cultural attractions such as the Valencia Museum of Fine Arts and Palau de la Exposició within reach.
  • Well-connected by public transportation, with convenient access to metro and bus stations.
  • A variety of local amenities including shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Tranquil streets and a peaceful ambiance for residents seeking a residential haven.


  • Limited availability of parking spaces, especially during peak hours or popular events.
  • Potential noise and activity during cultural events or exhibitions.
  • Limited options for larger residential properties.


Mestalla is an iconic neighborhood situated in the vibrant district of El Pla del Real, Valencia. Named after the historic Mestalla Stadium, home to Valencia CF, this area combines a rich sporting heritage with a residential charm. Nestled between the city center and the beautiful Turia Riverbed Gardens, Mestalla offers a dynamic and well-connected living environment for residents of all ages.


  • Proximity to the renowned Mestalla Stadium, providing a vibrant atmosphere on match days.
  • Convenient access to green spaces, including the Turia Riverbed Gardens and Monforte Gardens.
  • Well-connected by public transportation, with nearby metro and bus stations.
  • Range of amenities such as local shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Cultural attractions like the Palau de la Música and Valencia History Museum within reach.


  • Potential challenges in finding parking due to high demand.
  • Increased activity and traffic during match days or events.
  • Limited availability of larger residential properties.

Jaume Roig

Jaume Roig is a peaceful and residential neighborhood nestled in the El Pla del Real district of Valencia. Named after the renowned Valencian poet, Jaume Roig, this area offers a tranquil living environment close to the heart of the city. With its tree-lined streets, proximity to green spaces, and convenient access to various amenities, Jaume Roig provides a desirable setting for residents seeking a balanced lifestyle.


  • Residential and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Proximity to green spaces like the Turia Riverbed Gardens and Viveros Gardens.
  • Easy access to cultural and educational institutions, including the University of Valencia.
  • Well-connected by public transportation, including metro and bus.
  • Range of amenities such as supermarkets, cafes, and local shops.


  • Limited nightlife and entertainment options compared to the city center.
  • Potential challenges in finding parking spaces.
  • Higher demand for housing due to its desirable location.

Ciutat Universitària

Ciutat Universitària is a vibrant neighborhood located near the main campus of the University of Valencia. As the name suggests, this area is a hub for students, researchers, and academics. With its lively atmosphere and diverse cultural scene, Ciutat Universitària offers a dynamic living experience for those seeking a vibrant academic environment.


  • Proximity to the University of Valencia and other educational institutions.
  • Active and vibrant student community.
  • Abundance of affordable dining options and bars.
  • Well-connected by public transportation.
  • Access to various cultural and social events.


  • Potential noise levels and increased activity during the academic year.
  • Limited parking options and high demand for parking spaces.
  • Higher population density compared to other residential neighborhoods.
  • Potential challenges in finding housing due to high student demand.
Now that you have an overview of the neighborhoods in El Pla del Real, you can consider which one aligns best with your preferences. Keep in mind the unique benefits and drawbacks of each neighborhood, such as their proximity to the city center, availability of green spaces, parking situations, and rental property availability. Happy house hunting, and may you find your perfect home in Valencia!

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