Public and Regional Holidays

Observed in Spain

Each month, Spain celebrates at least one religious holiday. 

Are you living in Spain or planning a visit?

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, our guide puts together a list of Spain’s public holidays as well as important dates for your calendar for 2021 and 2022.

Whether you’re living in Spain or just visiting, it’s important to note the dates of Spain’s public holidays and key dates. Business (stores included) as well as public offices will be closed or have reduced hours.

Introduction to Spain’s Public Holidays

The Spanish Government sets the Spanish national holidays each year, although Spanish bank holidays differ between each of the regions. While each city observes the national holidays in Spain, regional holidays are set by the local governments.

Spanish national holidays are busy periods, particularly if a holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday and employees take a puente (bridge) holiday of four days (dias festivos or vacaciones – holiday in Spanish). 

Bank holidays in Spain that fall on weekends are sometimes replaced with alternate days (usually on the following Monday) if the regional government so chooses. 

In general, regional Spanish holidays coincide with large Spanish festivals and can be a wonderful time to explore a new city and learn more about local culture and gastronomy.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, travel is slowly opening up again. If you have any of Spain’s world famous festivals on your list, it is important to book early especially if your travel plans fall on a Spanish national holiday.

Many businesses close during the national and regional holidays in Spain and this can include some tourist attractions like local museums. You can always check the website of the local autonomous community as they generally include a list at the start of each year. 

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