Jesús Neighbourhood

Jesús Neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain

Jesús Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Jesús in Valencia, Spain, has a rich historical background. Its name is derived from a former convent and Franciscan monastery dedicated to Santa Maria de Jesus, founded in 1428 by Alfonso the Magnanimous and his wife Dona Maria de Castilla, Queen of Aragon. After undergoing various transformations, including being converted into a spinning factory and a provincial insane asylum, Jesus has evolved into a vibrant neighborhood within Valencia.

Jesús is bordered by Extramurs to the north, Quatre Carreres to the east, Poblados del Sur to the south, and Patraix to the west. The district is divided into five distinct areas: La Raiosa, L’Hort de Senabre, La Creu Coberta, San Marcelino, and Cami Real. While Cami Real primarily consists of waste grounds, transport hubs, motorways, and cemeteries, the focus will be on the first four areas.

La Raiosa, located closest to the city center, is highly sought after due to its proximity, amenities, and property prices. It is situated near the railway station for the AVE trains to Madrid and is home to the Tráfico office, where driving license exchanges can be carried out.

L’Hort de Senabre, neighboring both La Raiosa and Patraix, is predominantly residential. The quality and price of properties vary in this area, attracting many professionals from the health services sector due to the nearby hospitals.

La Creu Coberta shares a similar residential feel but offers more affordable property prices. It is characterized by its through road leading into Valencia from towns south of the city. The notable feature of this area is the covered cross, one of several found in and around Valencia.

San Marcelino, located on the outskirts, is surrounded by Cami Real and the Avenida de Tres Cruces. Despite being slightly secluded, it boasts the new Espai La Rambleta arts center next to the Rambleta Park. This tranquil area exudes a strong sense of community but may be considered a bit off the beaten path.


  • Proximity to the city center and amenities
  • Affordable property prices in certain areas
  • Access to nearby hospitals and health services
  • Community feel in San Marcelino
  • Espai La Rambleta arts center for cultural experiences


  • Limited amenities and attractions in certain areas
  • Some areas may appear dilapidated
  • Relatively secluded location for San Marcelino
Whether you’re seeking convenience, affordability, or a sense of community, the Jesus district offers diverse neighborhoods within Valencia’s vibrant tapestry. Explore the unique characteristics and charm of each area as you consider making this neighborhood your new home.

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