Pobles de l’Oest Neighbourhood

Pobles de l´Oest Neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain

Pobles de l´Oest

Pobles de l’Oest, also known as Pobles de l’Oest in Valencian, is a district located in the western part of Valencia. It is aptly named due to its position on the western side of the city. While it falls under the jurisdiction of the Valencia City Council, it is considered part of the rural population and has its own town mayor. The district includes the neighborhoods of Benimàmet and Beniferri, both situated in Benimàmet.

Benimàmet, like many other places with the Arabic prefix “Beni-“, meaning “children of”, was originally an Andalusian farmhouse. Its earliest mention can be found in the historical record book “Libre del Repartiment” as “Benimahaber” on August 21, 1238. It was granted to Sanchis de Stada by its original owner, Hibraim Alfachar. Benimàmet existed as an independent municipality until it became a district of Valencia in 1882.

Beniferri, also bearing the Arabic prefix “Beni-“, has its origins as an Andalusian farmhouse as well. The Counts of Parcent were the known lords of Beniferri until 1811, when the manors were abolished, and it became an independent municipality. This status continued until 1872 when it was incorporated as a district of Valencia.

The district of Pobles de l’Oest is bordered by the municipalities of Burjassot and Paterna to the north, Benicalap to the east, Bellor (district) to the south, and the municipality of Paterna to the west. Pobles de l’Oest comprises two districts: Benimàmet and Beniferri.


  • Rural charm and tranquil atmosphere
  • Proximity to nature and green spaces
  • Retention of historical origins and cultural heritage
  • Local governance with a town mayor
  • Access to neighboring municipalities and their amenities
  • Sense of community and close-knit neighborhood


  • Limited availability of certain urban amenities and services
  • Potential for slower development compared to urban areas
  • Reliance on public transportation or longer commutes for certain facilities
  • Limited employment opportunities within the immediate area
  • Possible distance from central Valencia and its attractions and activities
  • Limited diversity of commercial and entertainment options compared to city centers
Pobles de l’Oest offers a combination of urban and rural living. With its neighborhoods consisting of former municipalities, residents can experience a sense of community, while still having access to the amenities and services of a larger city.

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