Pobles del Nord Neighbourhood

Pobles del Nord Neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain

Pobles del Nord

Pobles del Nord, also known as Poblats del Nord, is the official name of the district located in the northern part of Valencia. It’s the second largest district in the city and has a fascinating history. While there are traces of Roman influence in places like Carpesa, most of the district’s center originated from Andalusian farmhouses that once dotted the Vega del Turia.

During the conquest led by James I of Aragon, these farmhouses were confiscated and handed over to the Order of Montesa. Some of them were previously controlled by the Order of the Temple. Over time, the concept of manors started fading away, and many of the lands became independent municipalities. Eventually, in the late 19th century, the district of Pobles del Nord emerged, encompassing these municipalities. The annexations to Valencia occurred between 1888 and 1900, with the addition of towns like Borbotó and Carpesa in 1888 and the final annexation of Benifaraig in 1900.

In 1981, a rearrangement of Valencia’s districts took place, leading to the renaming of the district as Pobles del Nord. Today, Pobles del Nord is a vibrant and diverse district, comprised of various neighborhoods such as Benifaraig, Poble Nou, Carpesa, Casas de Bàrcena, Mahuella (Mahuella, Tauladella, Rafalell, and Vistabella), Massarrojos, and Borbotó.

The district offers a blend of historical heritage, natural surroundings, and a strong sense of community. Residents enjoy the unique character of each neighborhood, with access to amenities and a connection to Valencia’s rich history. Despite the challenges that come with urbanization, Pobles del Nord remains a sought-after place to live, balancing modern urban living with the preservation of its cultural identity.


  • Diverse Neighborhoods: Pobles del Nord is comprised of various neighborhoods, each with its unique character, offering residents a diverse range of lifestyles and environments.
  • Historical Heritage: The district’s origins as Andalusian farmhouses and the presence of Roman remains in certain areas contribute to its rich historical heritage, attracting history enthusiasts.
  • Natural Surroundings: Pobles del Nord is located in the northern part of Valencia, providing residents with proximity to natural landscapes, such as the Vega del Turia and Carpesa, offering opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.
  • Community Spirit: The district fosters a strong sense of community, with local initiatives, events, and neighborhood associations that promote engagement and social connections among residents.
  • Access to Amenities: Pobles del Nord benefits from its proximity to Valencia, providing residents with convenient access to a wide range of amenities, including shopping centers, schools, healthcare facilities, and transportation networks.


  • Urbanization Challenges: The growth and development of Pobles del Nord as an urban district have led to issues such as traffic congestion, increased population density, and a potential loss of green spaces.
  • Limited Expansion Opportunities: As one of the largest districts in Valencia, Pobles del Nord faces challenges in terms of further expansion due to geographical constraints and the surrounding established neighborhoods.
  • Infrastructure Demands: The rapid growth and urbanization of the district may put pressure on existing infrastructure, such as transportation networks, utilities, and public services, requiring ongoing investment and planning.
  • Changing Landscape: The transformation from rural farmhouses to an urban district has resulted in a changing landscape, with the loss of some historical and natural elements that once characterized the area.
  • Balancing Tradition and Modernization: Preserving the district’s historical and cultural identity while adapting to the demands of modern urban living requires careful planning to maintain a sense of heritage and community.
Pobles del Nord provides a suburban retreat within the city of Valencia. With its collection of neighborhoods and their rural origins, residents can enjoy a balance between urban conveniences and a close connection to nature.

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