Rascanya Neighbourhood

Rascanya Neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain


Rascaña, officially known as Rascanya, derives its name from the Andalusian farmhouse of Rascanya, which was donated by King Jaime I to Guillem Aguiló in 1237. This donation is documented in the Llibre del Repartiment of the Kingdom of Valencia, where it is noted by royal notaries. The original document is located in the “Arxiu de la Corona d’Aragó” in Barcelona.

The farmhouse of Rascanya also gave its name to the Rascanya canal, which formed the original center of Els Orriols and the entire district. Rascanya is currently bordered by Poblados del Norte and the municipalities of Tabernes Blanques and Alboraya to the north, Benimaclet to the east, La Zaidia to the south, and Benicalap to the west. The district is composed of three districts: Els Orriols, Torrefiel, and Sant Llorenç (also known as Nou Orriols).


  • Historical significance with its origin tied to the Andalusian farmhouse of Rascanya.
  • Diverse neighborhoods within the district, providing a range of residential options.
  • Proximity to Poblados del Norte, offering access to amenities and recreational facilities.
  • Convenient location with easy access to Benimaclet, La Zaidia, and Benicalap.
  • Presence of the Rascanya canal, adding to the district’s character and providing recreational spaces.


  • Potential urban development and its associated impact on the district’s infrastructure and landscape.
  • Traffic congestion, particularly in more populated areas.
  • Limited parking availability in certain neighborhoods.
  • Noise levels, especially in areas close to main roads or busy commercial areas.
  • Challenges related to maintaining the district’s historical and cultural heritage in the face of modernization.
Rascanya boasts a blend of historical roots and a thriving community. With its origins as an Andalusian farmhouse and its present-day neighborhoods, the district offers a sense of tradition while embracing modern developments and amenities.

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