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Type of Cuisine

American Cuisine


Funky decor


Not sparkling clean but okay

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Alcoholic Beverage


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Good for Families


Outdoor Seating


Overall Score


We had high hopes when Mr. Majo’s showed up as a recommendation on The Fork (El Tenedor in Spain), with a 9.2 / 10  rating. Sadly, it doesn’t score nearly that high in our books.

The Meal

We decided to order a variety so we could get a good idea about what Mr. Majo’s was all about. We started with the Tri Flavor Mix – 3 Majo Teques, 3 shredded beef empanaditas, 3 crunchy chicken wings at 13.70€. For the main dishes, John chose La Guiri (smash burger) at 14,90€ and I chose El Wey (chili dog) at 11.70€. For drinks, John had a beer at 3.50€ and I had my usual cold bottle of water at 2.50€.

First impressions

  •   the bathroom could have been cleaner
  • each of the starter items looked commercially made – almost too perfect
  • the food was nicely plated
  • none of the starters looked greasy – a good sign because they looked baked instead of deep fried
  • our server, who happened to be the owner, didn’t tell us which sauce was which (for the Tri Flavor Mix)
  1. The Bathroom – Our reservation was at 4pm on a Tuesday. There was no one at the restaurant. It didn’t look like there was a mad lunchtime crowd so really no excuse for the state the bathroom was in. That should have been a sign. We always go to the bathroom first to wash our hands and gives us an idea of their attention to detail and cleanliness.
  2. Some people like perfect and evenly shaped food. Personally, we like seeing the hand-made versions where edges are not even, sizes not all equal, etc. When we saw the Tri Flavor Mix, we immediately thought, “oh oh, this looks like commercial frozen food”.
  3. The food was laid out on the plates without too much fuss.
  4. The starters appeared to be baked vs. fried. The “crispy” chicken wings were not crispy nor were they cooked all the way through. The Majo taques reminded us of Pillsbury™ Crescent Rolls. The empanaditas filled with shredded beef was flavorless and the sauces didn’t help.
  5. The 2 sauces for the Tri Flavor Mix were supposed to be home-made dips. Not so sure about that…

Sadly, Mr. Majo’s fell below our price/quality expectations. 

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