The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia – TGB

TGB – The Good Burger

The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia

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TGB  (The Good Burger)
Plaça d’Espanya 3, 46010 València, Valencia
+34 961 02 07 88

TYPE OF CUISINE – Burgers (including vegetarian and vegan options), Salads, Wraps, and Hot Dogs

AMBIANCE – informal






DN FRIENDLY – N/A it is a restaurant

OUTDOOR SEATING – not at this location

TGB was our go-to fast food burger place between 2013-2017. We stopped going because not only did their burgers get smaller, the buns did too so it was no longer good value for a fast-food style burger. 

Now that we are on The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give TGB another try plus what would our list be about if we didn’t include a fast food place or two? 

A quick visit to their website revealed that their XL burgers are back! Plus, they’ve added some new items to their menu. So we headed to the TGB at Plaza España. *Do not sit by the windows next to the doors (see the photos below). When the doors slide open, you can get hit or….

Read on to find out why TGB is a NAY….


We really gave them a try. Over the course of 3 weeks, we went back twice; once eat-in and the other take-out. We made sure to go during times they were not busy. The XL burgers they advertise are MIA….the burgers (bun included) were as wide as my 5.5″ Motorola phone. We are not expecting gourmet-style burgers because after all, TGB is a fast-food restaurant. What we look for is flavor, value for the money, cleanliness and good service at the least.

John and I purposely ordered 2 different types to see the difference. We were asked about special toppings on our fries and we chose their new bacon jam. Sadly, the serving of fries was measly and we should have tried a different topping.

Burger #1

Burgers, fries and a shake. A classic burger order, right? I thought so but not at TGB. They have this new thing called bacon jam. Well, I am fond of salty-sweet so I thought I’d give it a try so I ordered the Bacon Jam Burger and asked for bacon jam topping for my fries. DON’T. It has a strange texture; imagine tiny chunks of ham in strawberry jam. After a couple of bites, I scraped it off my burger and pushed it aside on my fries.  My strawberry milkshake had a lot of whipped cream with this marshmallow candies that were beyond stale. Needless to say, I scooped out the marshmallows and the shake was made up of whipped air. Looks like a good size serving in the glass but when you take away the whipped cream and stale marshmallows, the rest shrank pretty fast….not creamy like a milkshake should be. More like whipped strawberry milk.

I think that Nesquik® Strawberry Flavor Powder mixed with milk would taste better. 

Burger #2

John ordered the BBQ Burger which had bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. He said the flavor was okay. No lettuce or tomato though. He was smarter too and ordered a beer. Sadly he ordered fries with bacon jam.

Burger #3 and #4

Now about our take-out order. It was a 2 x cheeseburgers and 1 x fries for 10.50€. That is an average price for Menu del Dia in Alicante or Valencia. For that, you would get 1 drink, a starter, main dish, coffee, and dessert. Guess we’ve gotten a bit spoiled.

Overall, our recent experiences at TGB has been consistent enough to give it a NAY. Don’t let our review stop you. We’d love to hear what you think….

p.s. After our first visit, we purposely reached out their HQ in Madrid to let them know about our review and when we would be visiting again. We didn’t hear anything back from them. 🙁

Make sure to let TGB know how they are doing by following them below.

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