Getting Around Valencia

NOTE: The wearing of masks are no longer required when using public transportation.

Public Transit Discount for Valencia

The Valencian government has introduced a discount on multi-journey transit passes.

The discounts bring the price of a SUMA 10 pass down to €5.60 (one zone), €8.40 (two zones), and €14.00 (three zones).

Bonobus pass is down to €6.00.

Single tickets for metro, trams, and buses remain the same.

ValenBisi - Valencia's Public Bicycle System

Valenbisi is Valencia’s bike-sharing system and it’s available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With 275 Valenbisi stations throughout the city, it’s a really convenient and and inexpensive option for getting around. Apps for ValenBisi on Google Playstore or Apple iTunes provide information about the public bike stations in Valencia.

Free Bus to IKEA has been suspended

The free bus to IKEA isn’t running at the moment. The public transit line that stops near IKEA is the Metro Bus 183 (yellow bus). The route starts at the center on Gran Vía Germanias Nº 41 with other stops along the way and final destination is Centro Comercial (Ikea).

City Maps and Transportation Services

Useful and Important Information

Here is your go-to-list of emergency numbers, hospitals, consuls and embassies, main shopping centres and more.

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District Map

Valencia is divided into 19 administrative districts then divided into several quarters. Here is a map that shows all of it.

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ValenBisi bicycle station by Ciudad de Artes y Ciencas


Valenbisi is the bicycle sharing system in Valencia. There are over 275 Valenbisi stations making it an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to move around the city. 

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Map of Valencia

A detailed street map with monuments, museums, gardens, leisure centers, places of interest, sports, transport stations, parking, metro plan, streets, and more.

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Metro Map

A map of Valencia’s 6 main metro lines which cover most of the city and some suburbs. Metro Map provided by Metro Valencia.

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Bus to Albufera

Bus Line 25 connects Valencia to Albufera following a scenic route. This line provides transport to and from the districts south of the city centre.

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Old Town

A map of the Old City of Valencia (Ciutat Vella): A detailed map of the Valencia Historical center with monuments, museums, gardens, and places of interest.

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Bus Routes

Over 52 bus routes and schedules for the city of Valencia. Map is provided by the Valencia Municipal Transport Company (EMT).

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Summer Bus Routes

Summer bus schedule runs from July 1 to September 1.

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