Buñol, more than La Tomatina!

Buñol, more than La Tomatina!

A charming village close to Valencia, famous all around the world for “La Tomatina”.

Buñol (from Arabic al-Buniúl) is a Valencian town surrounded by the mountain ranges of La Sierra de Las Cabrillas, la Sierra de Dos Aguas and la Sierra de Malacara y Martés. It is a charming village close to Valencia, famous all around the world for “La Tomatina” a tomato food fight festival held annually in August. In this warm December day, we decided to visit Buñol and learned it is so much more!!!


Buñol has been continuously inhabited for at least 50,000 years, proven by archaeological finds from the Paleolithic, Iberian, and Roman eras. After the Christian Reconquest in the 13th Century the town became a border post between the kingdoms of Valencia and Castille, and remained populated mostly by the Moors until their expulsion from Spain in 1602. This period saw a regional economic collapse. Today, agriculture and industry are the primary economic activities. The climate is typical Mediterranean, with mild winters (and occasional snow) and hot summers.


CASTILLO DE BUÑOL Built by the Moors in the 11th and 12th centuries atop an earlier Roman fortification, the castle was captured during the Christian Reconquer in 1238 and later modified.  It is located on a rocky ridge and surrounded by a spectacular wall that opens through the north tower with access to the parade square, the Main Tower and the residential area of the Counts of Buñol within the Mercader Palace, the Gothic palace and the Church of the Savior.
Masonic Cemetery (Cementerio Histórico – Civil)
Parque Fluvial
Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol – Calle del Cid 51 46360 Buñol 
Iglesia Ntra. Señora de los Dolores – Calle Condes de Buñol, 3 46360 Buñol 
Biblioteca Publica Municipal – Calle Pelayo, 12, 46360 Buñol, Valencia (formerly a paper mill)
Parque de San Luis – Calle San Luis, 46, 46360 Buñol
Ruta de Dos Aguas
Teatro Penella


The town of Buñol can be reached from Valencia and Madrid by road or rail; both cities can be reached by air, road or train (Valencia can also be reached by boat). The best route for getting to Buñol is from Valencia, via the “Cercanías” C-3 train line, or via the A-3 Madrid -Valencia Motorway. If you are coming from Madrid, you can reach Buñol directly via the A-3.

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