Eye on Benidorm

Benidorm Beach August 2022
We have had our eye on Benidorm for some time now. After living in Spain for the past 9 years, we finally got there and we were surprised!

We have only seen Benidorm from the highway, while travelling by BlaBlaCar.

Recently, Alicante offered free Tram service on Sundays so we took advantage of the last free day and headed to Benidorm.

TIP: Make sure to carry some cash with you because not all restaurants/bars accept debit or credit cards.

Click here to read our guide on ATMs in Spain and learn some tips on how to exchange money cheaply (especially if you are coming from a non-EU country) by withdrawing cash at ATMs in Spain.

A bit of history

When most people think of Benidorm they think of beer-crazed youths on 2-week benders, stag and hen parties, sleeping all day and drinking all night.

If you look for it, you can certainly find ‘those types of people’. However, there is another Benidorm; a very Spanish resort, that has a lot of history, great place for a holiday with something to offer everyone, both young and old.

Benidorm has been a tourist destination since 1925, when its port was extended, and the first hotels were built. It wasn’t until the 1950s that it became renowned as a summer destination for people coming from inland Spain, especially Madrid.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of Benidorm, read our post on Benidorm Trivia.

Top 8 Things to do in Benidorm

1. Beaches
Benidorm boasts kilometres of fine golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and over 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

Playa de Levante is perhaps one of the best known beaches in Europe. It is an urban beach that is over 2 km long that runs from Punta Pinet  to Punta Canfali. A stretch of fine golden sand bathed by the calm waters of the Mediterranean and sun all day thanks to its south facing orientation.

Amenities are complete including life guard surveillance and equipment, sun loungers, foot showers, walkways, and play areas for children. Running parallel to the beach is the bustling promenade full of restaurants and bars.

Playa de Poniente is a bit more chill, approximately 3 kilometres long and is magnificent for swimming along with fine sand under your feet, always clean, crystal-clear waters, fun aquatic platforms, hammock services, accessible walkways, and beach volleyball nets. The west promenade was completely renovated, has a bike path and many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the sea view.

2. Visit the secluded coves

At the northern end of Benidorm’s golden sandy beach, you will find two small coves, Cala del Tío Ximo and Cala Almadrava. These coves are sandy with some rocky areas and is a great spot for diving.

NOTE: This area is clothing-optional (nudist beach).

3. Casco Antiguo (Old Town)

Not so long ago, Benidorm was just a whitewashed fishing village. The Old Town is where life was centered and is the original core of Benidorm.

It divides the two main beaches with a natural stone cliff, known as Punta Canfali, and is where the castle was built in 1325. In the 15th century, the village suffered a pirate attack that destroyed part of it. The castle was repaired and in the 19th century, during the War of Independence it was destroyed.

Presently, it is a large square that is filled with music and tourists and an artisan fairground in the summer. The cannons are still there and continue to guard the square as a symbol of what it once was.

4. Tapas Alley

Tapas Alley is located in the old part of town and runs from Pl. de la Constitutio, along Santo Domingo. The entire street is made up of tapas bars, where you can sample some top quality Spanish Tapas.

La Cava Aragonesa

This bar is always packed full of locals which is a sign of great food. If you’re not familiar with tapas, this bar is a great choice because all the dishes are temptingly displayed with labels in both Spanish and English. Don’t be afraid to sit and eat at the bar.

Dominating this area is the Aurerra Group of 7 restaurants that have been on this street for a number of years and cater to all tastes. There is a constant stream of visitors, both locals and tourists throughout the day, but it gets particularly busy in the evenings.

El Bodegón Aurrera

Part of the Aurerra Group that runs 7 different restaurants that cater to all tastes. It has a rustic and cozy atmosphere where you will find the typical Basque dishes. There is a constant stream of customers, both locals and tourists, throughout the day.

La Tapería Aurrera

Another from the Aurerra Group, La Taperia offers an avant-garde menu based on micro cuisine, and presented as small works of art to the delight the most demanding gourmet.

Braseria Aurrera

This trendy tapas bar offers Argentinian-based dishes. Sit outside and watch the world go by or step inside into the wonderfully air-conditioned space. If you love steak, you won’t be disappointed because Argentinian meat is among the best in the world.

Elizando Taberna

Typical Spanish bar serving varied choices of basic snacks or a Menu del Dia.

Bar Gaztelutxo

Small and cozy serving up authentic Basque tapas.


A hidden gem with great atmosphere is frequented mainly by Spaniards. It has a great atmosphere, good prices and delicious little tapas. On the walls, you will find photographs of old Benidorm, before the tourist boom.

Meson Plaza Mayor

Charcoal grilled meat and lots of tapas. Step inside and look at all the amazing tapas cooking on the huge grill, suspended over a charcoal fire. They also offer a selection of meals partnered with selected wines.

5. Balcón del Mediterráneo

Balcón del Mediterráneo, also known as Mirador del Castillo, is a viewing point built in the early 14th Century and isnestled between the popular Levante and Poniente beaches.

On this snow-white Moorish style viewing platform, you can gaze at the beautiful view over Benidorm and the Mediterranean Sea. Then climb down the stairs that lead to a ledget to the sea where the deep blue sea colors are beautiful here and view the unique coast of Benidorm.

6. Isla de Benidorm (Island of Benidorm)

Known as L’illa to the locals, it is an island located 4 km from the beaches of Benidorm. It is a rocky formation in the shape of a triangle with a cliff about 70 meters high where in the past there were lighthouses.

One of the many local legends about the origin of the mysterious island of Benidorm tells of King James I who was riding his horse on the mountain of Puig Campana and the animal gave such a strong blow that it split the mountain in two, ending the broken piece in the sea, forming the island.

The island is now a nature reserve, perfect for a stroll, a snorkel and a picnic.

You can reach the island by regular glass-bottomed boat trips that head out to the island, and offer amazing views back over Benidorm’s skyscrapers. You can also rent a boat for diving or rent a kayak to go paddling the 4 km that separate it from the coast.

7. Low Festival

If music is your thing, this rock and indie pop music festival could be for you. It’s held in Benidorm, Spain over 3 days. For 2023, the dates are July 28, 29, 30.

Click here to buy your tickets.

8. Theme Parks

Terra Mítica

One of Spain’s largest amusement parks, it is divided into 5 theme areas that reproduce ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, Greece, Rome, Iberia and Egypt. It has about 33 attractions, plenty of shows, high-octane rides like the Magnus Colossus roller coaster in Rome, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur in Greece, souvenir shops and several food stands that cater to all tastes and budget.

Added attractions include an area of Egypt, where people can bathe in the waters of the Nile. Unlike other parks, you can swim and enjoy in the fountains and jacuzzis at Terra Mítica. A welcome relief especially during hot summer days.


Home to Europe’s tallest standing slide and the world’s highest capsule slide.

Aqualandia has 15 water rides that cater to different age groups.  They offer 3 routes, Family (water and fun for the whole family), Friends (relaxing and radical rides are combined in this package) and Extreme (guaranteed high-adrenalin and tailor-made for your visit).

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