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Moroccan Food Restaurante Almunia, Valencia, Spain

Restaurant Review | Restaurante Almunia

Carrer de Bonaire, 18, 46003 València

+34 963 94 44 05

TYPE OF CUISINE – Moroccan Cuisine
AMBIENCE – nicely decorated with comfortable seating
CLEANLINESS – very clean

Restaurante Almunia, located in the La Xerea district of Valencia near Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo, left a lasting impression on us during our visit in April 2019.

Unlike other Moroccan restaurants in the city, Restaurante Almunia offers a refreshing change by serving alcohol alongside their delectable cuisine. Our group of eight, comprising both meat-eaters and vegetarians, visited the restaurant for lunch last Sunday, and we were all thoroughly satisfied with our experience.

Opting for the menu del dia, priced at a reasonable 12.50€ per person, we indulged in a variety of mouth-watering dishes, ranging from chicken, beef, and seafood to delightful vegetarian options. The menu del dia included a starter, main dish, drink, tea, and dessert. It’s worth noting that this offer was particularly attractive, considering the usual price hikes for menu del dia during weekends in and around Valencia.

For starters, many of us relished the homemade hummus, which was served with fresh and delicious pita bread. In fact, the hummus was so delightful that both Erin and I requested extra pita. As for the main course, Catherina, John P, Miryam, and I savored the flavorsome Tajín de Verduras (vegetable tajine), while Erin opted for the Tajín de Pollo (chicken tajine), and Kep, Lino, and John L. chose the Tajín de Ternera (meatball tajine). To end the meal on a sweet note, we were treated to a delightful assortment of homemade sweets and Maghrebi mint tea.

Throughout our dining experience, the service was excellent. The staff members were not only friendly but also added a playful touch, enhancing our overall enjoyment. The inclusion of the first drink in the menu del dia, even when ordering alcohol, made it a fantastic deal. Furthermore, the restaurant’s pleasant ambiance and attentive service further contributed to our satisfaction.

Our fellow diners also shared their thoughts. Erin from Curiosity and a Suitcase commended the friendly and attentive service, highlighting the quality of the food and its appealing presentation. She particularly enjoyed the naan bread alongside the hummus and found her tajine de pollo to be satisfactory. Miryam praised the restaurant’s versatility in offering a range of vegetarian and vegan options, relishing the delectable pastries for dessert. Catherina complimented the lovely ambiance, attentive waitstaff, and good value for money offered by the daily menu.

In conclusion, Restaurante Almunia is a must-visit for those seeking a delightful and nourishing dining experience. With its deliciously prepared food, excellent service, inviting atmosphere, and reasonable prices, it guarantees a memorable meal. Give Restaurante Almunia a try if you’re in search of a tantalizing and wholesome culinary adventure.

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