The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia | Hundred Burgers

   Hundred Burgers

The Hunt for the Best Burger in Valencia

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Hundred Burgers

Carrer de Misser Mascó, 22

+34 962 14 54 52

TYPE OF CUISINE – American Style

AMBIANCE – informal, friendly


CLEANLINESS – very good


ACCEPTS RESERVATIONS – YES and highly recommend


DN FRIENDLY – N/A it is a restaurant


As we continue to hunt for burger joints in Valencia, Spain, we met up with friends, Wolfgang, Kep and Erin at Hundred Burgers. It’s our second time there and first time for the three of them. If you’ve been following us around, you know that we don’t usually write a review on our first visit unless we are totally blown away. Good reason for that. We enjoyed Hundred Burgers on our first visit but this time around, not so much. Don’t take our word for it. Keep reading and find out about Erin and Kep’s experience.

“New burger place?! Sign me up!  But first let me do as I do and go online to check out the menu, and more importantly, the pics. A quick scroll sent my salivary glands into hyperdrive so by all appearances, this place is going to be a winner!

We ordered three appetizers, two of which I’d order again. Grand prize were the ribs. They fell off the bone like a dream and had good flavor. The pulled pork fries came in second because, well, it’s pulled pork! Third and dead last, were the nachos. The chips were …interesting in a “what is this” kind of way. They’re baked, a bit thicker than your typical nacho chip, not salty, and are soft. Skip them and order more ribs.

Now to the main event, the burger. First, ten creativity points in naming their burgers. For instance, I ordered the Madre de Stifler and my husband had Animal Style. My burger was two cheese covered patties, topped with thick BBQ marinated bacon. Come to mamma!

I am disappointed to report that Stifler’s Mom was unsatisfying, and I will be leaving her for another burger. Don’t get me wrong, I still finished it, but it didn’t have the juicy, mouth-watering burger decadence the pics led me to believe. It fell apart and was just ground beef. She must have used filters for her profile pics.

My husband’s Animal Style burger was one cheese covered patty topped with pulled pork, bacon, and red onions. His animal instincts kicked in and it was devoured quickly. Those who hesitate…

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the customer service. It was probably the best I have experienced since moving here 3.5 years ago. Five stars to Hundred!

Final assessment? I’d go back for appetizers. There are plenty of other burger joints that take the blue ribbon.”

There you have it! Like Erin says, there are plenty of other burger joints around and Hundred Burgers didn’t make the cut. They are great though for customer service and appetizers … especially the ribs.

Thanks again to Erin of Curiosity and a Suitcase. See you at our next Travel Through Food Adventure where we head to Restaurante Almunia for some authentic Morroccan food!

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