When Gastronomy Meets Art: La Maçana Menjars i Art

entrance at La Maçana

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

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In the realm of culinary creativity, where flavors become a canvas and ingredients transform into brushes, La Maçana Menjars i Art stands as a testament to the seamless blend of gastronomy and artistry. This hidden gem, nestled in Alicante, Spain, isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a vibrant tapestry where every dish is a work of art, and every bite tells a story. La Maçana is a place where the love for food merges elegantly with the love for art, creating an immersive experience for all senses. Join us on a journey through this extraordinary fusion of flavors and aesthetics, where each visit is an artistic revelation.

Where Culinary Art Meets Sculptural Imagination

La Maçana Menjars i Art is not just a restaurant; it’s a symphony of culinary delight and artistic wonders, a place where passion and dedication have brought dreams to life. Established in October 1997, it all began as a restoration project, a dream nurtured and realized by the founders and the diligent staff.

front entrance to La Macana
Front entrance. You will see metal sculptures scattered on the roof.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

Biological Clock "Reloj biológico "

Some of the art inside the restaurant. The one on the right is called “Reloj biológico” (Biological Clock). Crafted using resin and silica sand mortars, on a base of esparto grass.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

Artistic Journey and Materials

The artistic journey for Francisco Jose Espla Tarrega, the creative force behind La Maçana, commenced with the construction of the Postiguet house and collaboration with renowned artists like Fran Esplá and Santiago Alzamora. Francisco’s sculptures come to life through a fusion of silica sand mortars and resin, adorned with acrylic paints and recycled glass chips from various sources like wine and beer bottles, as well as broken glasses found in his restaurant.

Casa de Pescado, Alicante, Spain

Street views of the Casa de Pescado/Casa de Postiguet.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

Recycled Materials

Francisco’s dedication to sustainability extends to his choice of materials. The Francisco’s dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness is deeply ingrained in his artistic vision. This commitment manifests in his thoughtful selection of materials, especially in his choice to utilize recycled items. At La Maçana Menjars i Art, sustainability isn’t just a word; it’s a guiding principle.

Within the walls of the restaurant, a transformation takes place. Empty wine and beer bottles, along with non-returnable glasses that once graced the tables, find new purpose beyond their initial use. Rather than discarding these items, they are meticulously collected and repurposed, becoming integral components of Francisco’s sculptural artwork.

In the hands of this skilled artist, these recycled materials cease to be mere waste and are reborn as captivating sculptures. Each piece crafted from recycled materials carries with it a profound message—of resourcefulness, renewal, and a commitment to reduce environmental impact.

Beyond being eco-friendly, the use of recycled materials intertwines with the essence of La Maçana. Every sculpture embodies a part of the restaurant’s story—a unique blend of artistic expression and sustainability. It’s a harmonious fusion that resonates with patrons, showcasing how creativity and environmental responsibility can beautifully coexist.

Through this innovative approach to artistry, La Maçana Menjars i Art invites patrons to contemplate the potential within everyday items, to see the beauty in repurposing, and to embrace a sustainable mindset. Each recycled sculpture not only enriches the artistic ambiance of the restaurant but also serves as a testament to the power of creativity and conscious choices in building a better, more sustainable world.

La Maçana recycled glass in the outdoor terrace

Recycled glass on the wall of the outdoor terrace at La Maçana.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

The Tale of the Bar Counter Top

The bar counter top at La Maçana is steeped in history, composed of antique steps from the old town of Alicante. Salvaged by a demolition company, these steps embody the rich heritage of the city, now serving as a focal point in the restaurant, inviting diners to immerse themselves in the essence of Alicante.

The bar countertop that was once steps in the historic old town of Alicante with lobster sculptures that welcome you.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

Favorite Pieces and Their Stories

Among Francisco’s favorite pieces, ‘Cabeza Hueca (Hollow Head)’ delves into the challenges of neurodegenerative diseases, symbolizing the hollowing of emotions and memories. ‘Evolución en la Proveta (Evolution in the Test Tube)’ reflects on human evolution and genetic alterations, while ‘Caracol Estelar (Stellar Snail)’ alludes to the increasing possibility of extraterrestrial life. ‘El Pensador Cubico (Cubic Thinker)’ explores extreme and thorough ways of thinking.

Hollow Head - Cabeza hueca

Hollow Head

Geode coated with silica sand and resin mortar, finished with solid pigments.

Photo by ©suitcaseinspain.

Evolution in the Test Tube - Evolución en la probeta

Evolution in the Test Tube

Base made of silica sand and resin mortar finished with recycled glass grit.

Photo by ©art_llorens.

Stellar Snail - Caracol estelar

Stellar Snail

Silica sand and resin mortar finished with acrylic paints.

Photo by ©art_llorens.

Cubic Thinker - Pensador cubico

Cubic Thinker

Carving in limestone.

Photo by ©art_llorens.

The Future of Art at La Maçana

In the future, La Maçana plans to extend its support to aspiring artists by providing a platform for exhibitions. The vision is to nourish not only the palate but also the soul, fostering creativity and allowing artists to share their talents with the world.

Family, the Heartbeat of La Maçana

La Maçana is a true family venture, led by Concepción García, the manager and head chef, and her son Mario, the master chef. The family’s involvement is at the core of the restaurant’s success, offering not just artworks but also culinary combinations that delight customers. The bond of family nurtures creativity and forms the essence of La Maçana.

Head on over to La Maçana in Alicante, Spain and let the fusion of culinary art and sculptural imagination whisk you away on a delightful journey.

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